How is the value of my car determined?


To calculate the value of your scrap car, we require your registration and postcode. If these details are unavailable, you can manually input your car and location details. We may also inquire about your car’s condition. Your answers and any assumptions made will be presented alongside your quote. Additionally, your car must meet certain minimum requirements.

What are the minimum requirements for a quote?


A quote is based on the following minimum requirements:

Photographic ID and proof of address are provided.

The car is free of finance charges.

The car is free from additional waste.

The car is powered by a petrol, diesel, electric, or hybrid powertrain.

The car has no more than nine seats.

The car is accessible for collection.

What questions will you ask about my car’s condition?


We may ask about:

Approximate mileage.

Key availability.

Whether it has been written off.

If it starts and drives.

Your answers, along with any assumptions, will be shown alongside your quote.

Does my car need to be free from damage?


No, we buy damaged cars. However, we may ask for information about the extent of any damage, categorised as major damage or wear and tear. After receiving your quote, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss and provide further details.

Do I need to provide my car’s registration certificate?


While not essential, having your registration certificate (V5C or logbook) can ease the process. If unavailable, we may request personal identification.

Do you buy cars with outstanding finance?


No, we do not accept cars with outstanding finance. Settlement is required before accepting the quote.

Is it necessary for my car to be in running condition?


No, we purchase cars that do not start and drive. If you indicate that your car starts and drives, you are confirming that there are no mechanical or electrical issues. After receiving your quote, you’ll have the chance to discuss it further and provide additional details.

What happens if certain components are absent from my vehicle?


All quotes are provided under the assumption that the car will be presented in a complete and intact condition. If any parts have been removed or dismantled, the recycling centre may need to revise their initially offered price. It is entirely at your discretion whether to accept any adjusted price. In specific situations, the recycling centre may inform you that they cannot collect the car due to the absence of certain parts. Failure to disclose information about missing or dismantled parts may result in the driver refusing to collect the vehicle when the truck arrives, and you may incur charges for the wasted journey.

What defines an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) catalytic converter?


Car manufacturers are obligated to install catalytic converters in vehicles that can endure a minimum of 8 years or 80,000 miles from the date of sale. This type of catalytic converter, meeting these industry standards, is referred to as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) catalytic converter.

Catalytic converters produced by aftermarket manufacturers are not bound by the same stringent standards. Consequently, used aftermarket parts may not always be suitable for resale. Additionally, these aftermarket converters often lack the same composition of precious metals found in OEM counterparts, metals that possess inherent value and can be recycled.

In the event that your vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket catalytic converter, it’s important to disclose this information when obtaining a quote, as it can impact the quoted price.

How will I be paid, and when?


Payment is made by electronic transfer or cheque for cars scrapped in England, Wales, or Scotland. Payment is usually within 12 hours of vehicle receipt, but it may take up to two working days.

What should I do with my car’s registration certificate?


Keep the yellow section, hand over the rest to our branch along with keys, and fill in the branch’s name and address for DVLA notification.

How do I notify DVLA?


If you possess the registration certificate (V5C), you have two options for notifying DVLA:

Gov.uk Website Notification:

  • Visit the Gov.uk website.
  • Provide the name and address for Recycle My Car (available in your confirmation email).
  • Input your car registration, the 11-digit reference number from the latest V5C, and the date of selling or disposing of your car.
  • Complete the online notification process.

Manual Notification via Registration Certificate:

  • Fill in the yellow ‘sell, transfer, or part-exchange your vehicle to the motor trade’ section of your V5C.
  • Send the perforated section to DVLA at DVLA, Swansea SA99 1BD.
  • If you use the Gov.uk website for notification, retaining the yellow section is not required.

If You Don’t Have the Registration Certificate (V5C):

In case you don’t have the V5C, follow these steps:

Manual Notification to DVLA:

  • Write to DVLA at Swansea SA99 1BD.
  • Include your name, address, car registration, make and model, and the date of selling or disposing of your car to us.
  • Provide the name and address for Recycle My Car (available in your confirmation email).

Upon notification, you will receive:

  • A letter and an email confirmation (if an email address is provided via Gov.uk).
  • Confirmation that you are no longer the registered keeper.
  • A refund cheque for any full months left on your vehicle tax, calculated from the date DVLA receives your information. If paying by Direct Debit, automatic cancellation will occur.

Ensure a smooth process by choosing the method that aligns with your circumstances and promptly notifying DVLA of the changes.

What is a Certificate of Destruction?


It is an official DVLA document issued by our branch when your scrap car is recycled, confirming correct disposal and preventing penalties. Sign and keep it for your records.

Recycle My Car ensures a transparent and efficient process for scrapping your car responsibly. Feel free to contact our Customer Services Team for further assistance.

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