Quote Agreement

1. General Conditions:


1.1 References to ‘we,’ ‘us,’ or “Recycle My Car” pertain to Recycle My Car Ltd.

1.2 References to the “Seller” or ‘Customer’ relate to the owner of the vehicle subject to a valuation/purchase or disposal request.

2. Pre-Contract Information:


2.1 To start the process, the Seller must complete the online valuation on (ENTER WEBSITE LINK). The given valuation is based on provided details and assumptions. The Seller must inform Recycle My Car Ltd of any deviations from these assumptions.

3. Price Quoted:


3.1 The quoted price is in pounds sterling.

3.2 Prices are in good faith, derived from Seller-provided data and third-party information. Inaccurate data may lead to an inaccurate valuation and Recycle My Car Ltd is not obligated to honor such quotes.

3.3 Recycle My Car Ltd rectifies pricing errors promptly after notification. Recycle My Car Ltd is not liable for system failures or third-party data errors.

4. Cancellation:


4.1 The contract can be cancelled before the collection service begins. Failure to cancel before initiation may incur costs for the aborted collection.

5. Payment:


5.1 Payments are made by Recycle My Car Ltd, details of which are in the quote.

5.2 Payment is made upon vehicle collection, following agreed terms between the Seller and Purchaser (Recycle My Car Ltd).

6. Seller’s Warranties:


6.1 Seller warrants accurate information during the valuation.

6.2 The vehicle is not subject to undisclosed finance.

6.3 Seller is the legal owner, with the right to transfer full ownership to the Recycle My Car Ltd.

6.4 No other party has a claim to the vehicle. Pre-existing liabilities remain with the Seller.

7. Seller’s Responsibilities:


7.1 The Seller surrenders ownership to Recycle My Car Ltd as per the quote.

7.2 Recycle My Car Ltd is responsible for payment to the Seller.

7.3 If the vehicle is scrapped, Recycle My Car Ltd notifies the DVLA with a Certificate of Destruction.

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